Tropical Salt Corporation

About Us

The idea for the salt project came from family members who were salt producers/farmers in the Grand Saline area, which is the largest producer of salt in Haiti. Deriving its name from the French translation "Large Salt Land," Grand Saline has been harvesting salt for over 200 years and is the largest salt producer in Grand Saline. This history and purely natural tradition of processing salt without additives or chemicals has been passed down from generation to generation. You taste the purity in every gram of Tropical Sea Salt.

The matriarch of the Armand family wanted this marvelous sea salt of Grand Saline to be shared with the rest of the world. Something as smooth and subtle tasting as this naturally hand-harvested chemical-free product that is born from the aqua-marine waters of the Caribbean Ocean was a family secret worth sharing. The crystal clear waters that form the coast of Grande Saline are so remote that the only boats in the area are propelled by sails and oars, which have kept the waters of the ocean petroleum free for many years of salt harvesting.

In 1994, Tropical Salt conducted research for possible locations to begin our business. Recognizing the tremendous growth opportunities in this industry and the continued growing demand for salt, Tropical Salt Corporation incorporated under the laws of the state of New Jersey & Haiti, and obtained government approval to operate and export.