Tropical Salt Corporation

The Advantages

Tropical Sea Salt contains more magnesium and potassium and less sodium chloride than regular sea salt on the market today. Our sea salt has been manufactured in Caribbean under strict quality control standards to ensure the naturally high mineral content of the coarse variety is not lost.

To ensure our products' integrity, we undertook number of tests by ENC Laboratories. Commercial table salt is bleached, refined, and micro waved along with synthetic chemicals that act as flowing agents to achieve the texture. A simple test will immediately demonstrate the differences between Tropical Sea Salt and ordinary table salt. Tropical Salt Corporation products have been thoroughly tested and no contaminants or toxins were found. If you wish to inquire further, Tropical Salt Corporation can supply you with this information to be used at your discretion.

Our Sea Salt has been hand harvested from ponds that utilize some of the most pristine waters of the Caribbean. Our ponds are located in remote areas far removed from modern technology.

This is why all of our transportation is done using sail boats, which bring the sea salt to our sorting and inspection plant. This process has kept our waters chemical free and preserves the naturally smooth and subtle taste of our Sea Salt.

Tropical has done extensive analysis and understands the importance of the climate where low quantity of rain that falls in the area makes it exceedingly arid.

  • An all Natural salt in the market today
  • Pure Caribbean Sea salt.
  • Contains important trace elements
  • No additives, no preservatives
  • Produced by our very own family members/farmers
  • No bitter after taste
  • Free from pollution/industrialization
  • Smooth and subtle taste
  • Contains more magnesium and potassium
  • We offer a premium product at high competitive market prices
  • We are an established corporation with commitment to producing a quality product
  • We are not the middleman. We have 500 acres of ponds that are in our controls at each stage of the process.